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Coronavirus Update (March 13th - 2:00pm): With cycling races scheduled in the coming weeks, we would like to express our concerns and keep you updated on the status of each event.  For the past week, we have been in constant communication and meetings with all pertinent permitting agencies and health departments (Boulder County, City of Louisville, City of Boulder etc.).  The most honest answer we can provide at this junction is that the situation is very fluid and fast changing.  Currently, the Louisville Criterium is scheduled as planned.  That decision by all parties is based on two key factors: 1) The event being an outdoor race with very minimal spectators, 2) Criterium races feature smaller groups of 40-60 cyclists on course at a given time, with another 50-75 at the venue either registering or cooling down post race.  That places our total gathering size well under the threshold for the events currently being cancelled. 


Coronavirus Update (March 13th - 5:30pm): Since our first press release the situation continues to evolve.  The City of Louisville has officially cancelled all events in city facilities and streets moving forward.  The Louisville Criterium scheduled for Saturday March 21st is cancelled.  I know this will open up many questions regarding April and May events.  Please note, this situation continues to evolve and rapidly change day-to-day, so it's not fair or honest to provide a concrete status on the Buff Gold, Koppenberg, or Superior Morgul Races.  What we can state with certainty is that our team is working with all agencies in an effort to produce these events under safe and responsible conditions (see note above of key factors).  

Coronavirus Update (March 25th - 5:30pm): USA Cycling has just extended their suspension of all issued permits through May 3rd.  Boulder County has also suspended event permits until May 10th. At this stage, the Buff Gold Road Race and Koppenberg have been cancelled.  Please note, our team is working around the clock with Boulder County to ensure the safe execution of the Superior Morgul events.  At this time, the situation continues to remain extremely fluid and fast changing, so it's too early to make a final decision regarding May.

While our goal is the successful continuation of our cycling season, we will comply with the protocols that come down from our permitting agencies and health departments.  In time, we will see you smiling on the start line again.  Until then. please stay positive and operate from a place of love and respect for the impact this is taking at every level of society.