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You're all set to race, but still have a few questions on what to expect race morning.  You're either brand new to the sport, or have raced a few times over the years, but it's still great to go through a quick check list as every race is a bit different in each state.


1. Please double check your category start time and even though you're pre-registered you need to pick up your number a minimum of 40 min before your race start.

2. Once you arrive on site at the race venue please find the registration truck (looks like a mobile food truck) and jump in the left hand line that says pre-registered. You do not need to fill out another waiver.

3. Have a photo ID handy - you don't need your USAC license at this point.  Show your ID to the White Line Staff Member in the window and she'll hand you a form to sign and return, and your number.

4. Ask what side the number goes on (left or right) 

5. 10min before your start time start hanging out near the start line and the officials will start organizing your group

6. GO RACE, have fun, and after you finish check out your results by the podium