April 26th, 2020

Course information: Colorado’s Queen of the Spring Classics - The Koppenberg!!! Is a 5.5mile road race circuit, with 300ft of elevation gain per lap, and includes 2 miles on a packed dirt road..

Start Times for your category: Please click the category & checklist tab.  Pre-registered riders and race day registrations must pick up your number 40min prior to the start of your race.

Weather Check: Please be sure to check the White Line Facebook page for event updates




USAC License Required: USAC 1-Day Beginner license: $10, only for Cat 5 men, Cat 5 Women and Juniors who have never previously held a USAC license with a higher category.  Annual licenses available online at www.usacycling.org


BRAC annual membership: Recommended to avoid $5 one day membership fee. BRAC 1-day membership $5, available on site (BRAC 1-day membership exempt with USAC 1-day license. Annual memberships available online at www.coloradocycling.org

Juniors: Gear Restrictions apply to all juniors 9-18. See USAC Rule 1I4 (www.usacycling.org ) Bike Restrictions: apply to Jr’s 14 & Under. See USAC Rule 1I5 (usacycling.org)

Race rules: All USA Cycling Rules Apply


Online Registration: Available 12/01 and closes Thursday 4/23 at 11:59pm


 JUNIORS 15-18: $25 Race in Jr Cat

JUNIORS 11-14: $20 Race in Jr. Cat

Juniors racing in SR Cat regular price 


Race Day Registration: Costs $50 - Adults & Jr’s racing in SR. category.

JUNIORS 15-18: $30 Race in Jr Cat

JUNIORS 11-14: $25 Race in Jr. Cat

Juniors racing in SR Cat regular price 

Race day Registration Opens: 6:30 am & closes 40 min. prior to race start.  Pre-Reg is encouraged so you don’t get closed out of your Category from reaching capacity!  Race Day Registration (CASH or CREDIT CARD ONLY - no checks)   
2nd Race: is $20 available on race day. 


Race cancellation policy #1: Should a cycling race be canceled for any reason 14 days or less from the race date there are no refunds.  Should a race be cancelled more than 14 days out from the event 100% refund for your entry fee will be issued.  We reserve the right to make course alterations given safety conditions.  No refund or credit will be given for a course alteration.

Race cancellation policy #2: If a race has been rescheduled for the same calendar year or season then no refunds will be credited.

Entry Fees, Refunds and Switching Policy: There are no refunds of Entry Fees unless the event is canceled.  Please see our event cancellation policy above for details.  We will  permit a switch to another non-closed White Line event as long as we receive the request at White Line offices at least 15 days prior to the race you enrolled in, your written switch request. No refunds or switches inside 15 days.  Written means via e-mail, FAX or mailed letter. We will not accept switches out of races into the following calendar year.

Switching Divisions: Up to the Wednesday of race week, you may switch from division to division, (i.e Cat 40+4 to Cat 4 or vise-versa...your racing license must support the category change) By that Wednesday, we will need your written request for any changes (e-mailed).  After Wednesday: NO DIVISION SWITCHES!


Course Changes: In the event that the proposed course can not be run or must be altered we reserve the right to change the format to conduct the event.

Switching To Another Person: Another person may take your race slot as long as we receive the request no later than 15 days prior to the race date the completed entry form of the replacement plus a note from you authorizing the switch. No phone requests will be accepted. 

Contact: Jen@whitelinecycling.com to receive the proper transfer forms.

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