White Line Cycling Events was founded on the principle that your entry fee should never be a barrier to competing, you should always have the option to give back to the sport and have the sport return the favor.  Through our Discounted Entry Program we invite you to join our event volunteer crew, and in return you'll earn a discounted entry that can be used for the same event or in the future. See the details of the volunteer discount program below and contact with any questions. No experience is necessary for any volunteer position….only the desire to be part of the racer experience.  Add together multiple volunteer opportunities to add up the entries.   You can also recruit a family member or friend to volunteer while you race, and that credit will go to you!

CREDIT: 3hr volunteer shift = 1 discounted day of racing in the same season

White Line Event Crew Positions: Have you always dreamed of working in the exciting and fast paced event production industry?  Do you currently have a full time job, but want a fun and exhilarating part time position to supplement your income?  White Line is always looking for top talent to join it's tight knit crew - please use the form below to inquire about paid crew positions.  Our main hiring requirements are; prior race experience in road cycling events, a positive attitude, willingness to wake up before the sun, and ability to learn fast and trouble shoot on the fly!


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