May 2nd, 2021

AFTERNOON WEATHER: The current weather calls for light afternoon showers and possible thunderstorms for the final two waves of racers. Just like Formula1 racing, plan your tire and shoe choice accordingly. We've been in this situation before, with Gage Hecht taking the victory because of his decision to run the hill (he had mtb shoes/pedals on his road bike). We can't predict what final conditions will be, but this gravel adventure will move forward unless thunder and lightning present an immediate danger. We can't tell you what gear to race, but 22mm tires and road shoes/pedals might not be the best option if you're racing after 12pm.


The infamous Koppenberg Race, featuring the climb (17% grade),  is the queen of the spring time cycling events in Colorado.  This rustic setting sits next to, and incorporates parts of the Morgul Bismark Course.    Boulder's Spring Classic is set to make you suffer, and "the climb" is set to be the deciding factor once again.  


The Koppenberg is a 5.5 mile road race circuit, with 300ft of elevation gain per lap, and includes 2 miles on a packed dirt road.  Those who do well here are marked men and women at the King of the spring time cycling events, the Superior Morgul!


Note: The current capacity restrictions are based on CDPH Covid Dial "Level Yellow" and could change at any moment.