Sunday May 1st, 2022

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Dear Cycling Community,


Thank you all for your patience this winter as we worked with the Town of Superior and Boulder County to determine whether we would be having the Koppenberg Road Race or the Superior Morgul Time-Trial.  Following the devastation of the Marshall Fire, we’ve been working on balancing a number of key factors: the accessibility of the course during the clean-up phase of the fire, the safety of the air condition, and overall impact to our community still suffering from this tragic event.  Taking all of this into consideration, the Koppenberg Road Race and Superior Time-Trial will not take place in 2022.  While not an easy decision, it was the right decision for all the agencies and community whom annually make these events such a success. 

The past three years have been filled with tough news, but there’s always a sliver of positivity to keep us hopeful and racing.  The NOCO Criterium schedule for April 9th, the Louisville Criterium schedule for May 14th, and the Superior Circuit Race scheduled for May 22nd will all move forward.  We will be replacing the Koppenberg with a second race at the Northern Colorado Training Facility – running the April 9th course in reverse. 

We are also still looking for volunteers for all our spring events.  To sign-up and earn a free entry, which can also be applied to cyclocross season or a triathlon, e-mail Lance@withoutlimits.com


Thank you,
Lance and the Whiteline Cycling Crew

The infamous Koppenberg Race, featuring the climb (17% grade),  is the queen of the spring time cycling events in Colorado.  This rustic setting sits next to, and incorporates parts of the Morgul Bismark Course.    Boulder's Spring Classic is set to make you suffer, and "the climb" is set to be the deciding factor once again.  


The Koppenberg is a 5.5 mile road race circuit, with 300ft of elevation gain per lap, and includes 2 miles on a packed dirt road.  Those who do well here are marked men and women at the King of the spring time cycling events, the Superior Morgul!

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